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Ari’s Classic Coffee Shop

We pride ourselves on great coffee

Coffee No.9 has been going since 2011.  We are a coffee shop based in Soi Ari 1, Bangkok, Thailand. Armed with the best Baristas in Bangkok, we put our coffee front and center!

Ton Songchai , The Master Barista

How it all came to be…

Ton started his Baristaship in Melbourne, Australia. Home of one of the world’s highly acclaimed coffee culture.  Upon returning to Bangkok, Ton wanted to bring back the high standard of coffee he had become accustomed to.

Ton opened Coffee No.9 with the central philosophy that good coffee comes first. From picking the locally sourced beans to roasting to regulating the water temperature of the coffee machines; Coffee No.9 is involved with every step of the coffee making process in order to ensure a high standard of coffee for its customers.

Coffee is a Classic

Locally sourced beans

At Coffee No.9, coffee comes first. we put a lot of effort into ensuring that every drink is consistent and to our high standards. We use locally sourced beans from Doi Saket in the Northern Regions of Thailand.  Biannually, Ton travels to the coffee plantations so that he can personally check that the beans are what he wants. The beans are then brought to Bangkok where they are roasted at a local Coffee Roaster.


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Soi Ari 1, Samsen Nai
Phayathai, Bangkok

(+66) 086 616 7486

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